PS4 Not Backwards Compatible


In case you missed it during the slew of PS4 news, the PS4 will not be backwards compatible with the PS3, meaning your physical and downloaded PS3 games ain’t gonna work on Sony’s new wonder machine. As IGN put it, “This means that hits like Journey, The Unfinished Swan, Shatter and hundreds of other games available in the digital space will not be carried over to PlayStation 4 in addition to the collection of PS3 discs sitting on your shelf.”

Eventually, though, Sony hopes to “fix” this by offering emulation or cloud services (from Gaikai).

Okay, I get it. The insides of the PS4 are too different than those of the PS3’s therefore it’s just not possible. And I get not wanting to implement extra hardware just for the sake of backwards compatibility, which keeps the price of the console down. But the idea of having to have a PS2, PS3 and PS4 all under the same TV is a little annoying.

The way it is I have (most) of my consoles divided up between two televisions — the TV in my living room houses my PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and Saturn. The one in my bedroom houses my N64, GameCube, Wii, and SNES. If I want to play my Genesis or NES I have to haul it out of my woman cave and, like, place it on the floor in front of the TV. And maybe this isn’t such a huge issue with the majority of gamers — I don’t know how many of us hang onto our old consoles and bust them out from time to time.

I suppose I should prepare myself for re-remasters, huh?

What do you think about backwards compatibility? Is it something you’d pay extra for? (I know I would!)

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