Portal 2 Made Me Do Something I Regret. Kind Of.

Ah, Portal 2: The shortest game that’s taken me the longest to finish.

I am lacking in the motivation department when it comes to finishing this bad boy. It actually requires me to THINK (God forbid) and that’s the last thing I feel like doing after a full day of work—because let’s face it—some of those “testing chambers” are downright challenging. Either that, or you’re too much of a herp-de-derp like I am to understand the solution to the puzzle is staring right at you. Like  in Chamber 18. I DIDN’T REALIZE THE BRIDGE COULD BE PORTAL’D. JDJKAJFLDKALKDFD.


Also, there’s also this little part about how I haven’t spent a weekend home in over three weeks. Soooo my gaming time has been cut down quite a bit.

Do you want to hear something kind of depressing? I started Portal 2 on July 30th. And for those not in front of a calendar, today is September 2nd. Yeeeaaaah. Also, if you really want a feel for how messed up this is, I finished Dragon Age II in less time than it’s taken me to get to the final chapter of Portal 2. HAHAHAHAHA ::headdesk::

So last night, in an act of pure desperation I did something…shameful. Something I kind of regret (but not really).

…I went to Youtube and watched walkthrough videos for Chambers 18-20.

You guys, my gamer pride took a beating. I’m supposed to be the almighty Britt! Know-er of all things videogame! Solver of all puzzles, pwn’er of all mystical creatures! But alas, I couldn’t figure out how to get a stupid cube on a stupid platform in a stupid chamber designed by a stupid robot.


Guys, I typically try not to use guides of any sort while playing a game. I like to figure things out for myself, or with a friend if they’re watching. Guides spoil things and that makes me sad. And they make me feel like less of a…man? Can I say that without it being weird? Anyway, this time I had to make an exception. Portal 2 has held me back from playing other game simply because I can’t stand the thought of playing something else when this game is uber-near completion. And if I can’t finish the game in a month, something’s gotta give, nahm’sayin?

Thankfully, I’ve now reached the “free-roam” section of Portal 2, so it’s a nice and VERY welcomed breather from the typical “OHAI let me shoot my orange hole over there so I can walk through my blue hole and ultimately get burned by lasers which will cause me to fall into the water and  die” routine.

That being said, I have full intentions to beat this game today. Like, within an hour. That would make me super duper happy and then I could move onto something else. Like, L.A. Noire, Panzer Dragoon Saga or God of War. Yes, God of War. The first one. Don’t hate me.

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