Pokémon Mega Evolutions Are a Thing


In Game Freak’s never-ending quest to force me to forget the simpler days,  these Pokémon …things… called Mega Evolutions have been announced. And guys, I’m starting to feel like the Grandpa who’s all, “Bbbbbbback in my day we had the Atari ::coughhackwheeze::” who you try to get to play the Xbox 360. Do you know what I mean? Like, I feel as if Pokémon is SO gamefreakin’ over my head (see whut I did thar?) at this point I don’t know whether to dive in and adapt, or throw in the towel. Either way I have full intentions of purchasing Pokémon X and Y — for whatever reason — so I suppose it doesn’t really matter how well I understand , does it? Sigh. I’m pathetic.

In Britt terms, a Mega Evolution is, uh, sort of like buffing the shit out of your character during a fight. The effects aren’t permanent and go away after each battle, but for that duration your Pokémon will be a badass motherfudger. I still don’t quite understand what…OH! Okay, according to the official website:

mega pokemon

Word. That’s what I thought.

Baby steps…I’m taking baby steps.  I GOT THIS.

Are you stoked for Pokémon X and Y?

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  • I used to love Pokemon back in the early days but I stopped after silver/gold. I was never a huge fan of the Pokemon after the initial group and while I enjoyed silver/gold, that is pretty much why I stopped paying any attention to the series. Well, apparently there are even a ton that I have never seen before because I this morning I decided to check out the finals of the Pokemon World Championship that happened this weekend and I had no clue what the pokemon were or even what type they were. I was completely lost. I think for that reason, I will probably be skipping X and Y or I will until I at least get caught up on who is who.

    • britt5091

      HA! I give such mad props to those that know all of those little critters. That takes some dedication!

  • Abraham

    I keep seeing new pokemon and my opinion is summed up in here: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-mG1xwzt_cOc/UP70rHFpysI/AAAAAAAAAtM/HdjIc8LKdRk/s400/OPF4A.jpg

    • Matthew Sims

      Agreed lol

      • britt5091

        OH SNAP.

  • Bobby Wilson

    The problem is with some people who hate all these changes is that they want Pokemon to still stay in G1/G2 era. While I think G2 is the best Generation, the game also, like the critters in the game, need to evolve.They’ve done quite good in evolving while still keeping it’s core gameplay there.

    • britt5091

      Thanks for your input! I understand the formula has to be modded up a bit to keep things fresh, kinda, sorta. But unfortunately it’s over my head now!

      • Bobby Wilson

        Mega Evolutions aren’t too far out of the box. It’s when you start going into EV training and such, that’s when I really get lost.

  • ThePinkPhantom

    Kinda reminds me of the Digimon TV series. They kept coming up with ways to “digivolve” to ever stronger forms. Damn, now that song is stuck in my head. Digimon, digital monsters….

    • britt5091


      Oh, God. I hate you. Digimon, Digital Monsters DIGIMON ARE THE CHAMPION! Or however it went.

  • Devin Hudson

    I threw in the towel after Gold/Silver, more because of what hadn’t change instead of what did. I briefly picked it back up again when Diamond/Pearl came out, but the game bored me so much that I never finished it.

    The additions they keep making to the series just aren’t interesting. Most of the new monster designs are horrible, increasing the number of monsters on the battlefield just seems gimmicky (what is it, like 3-on-3 battles now? Ugh), and all the sidequests/diversions (growing berries, Pokemon contests, etc.) are just plain stupid.

    So when my sister told me about these Mega Evolutions, I just groaned as usual (she’s keen on telling me news about these games even though I keep telling her I don’t give a crap about them anymore). It just seems like they can’t come up with any good new monsters, so they got lazy and redid some past monsters just so they can say they added some more to the game.

    • britt5091

      3 on 3? Berry growing? Contests? WHAT.

      MAN. I need to get with the times. But yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the machine looking Pokemon. WHAR ARE MY CUTE AND FUZZY POKEMANZ.

  • Perry Rodriguez

    I quit playing because everyone had uber whatever versions of every Pokemon because they gotta cheat to catch ’em all. That, and grinding out levels made my ocular orbs ache.

    • britt5091

      Haha! Ocular Orbs. I think I stopped playing because I couldn’t keep track. I still like the older versions! Like, the ones that came out right after RBY. I still understand those. 😉

  • Telenstias

    I’m honestly ready for Mega Evolutions. When my Ditto evolves into Mega Ditto, he’s gonna copy all your asses.

    • britt5091


  • Reptilios

    Where’s Mega Magikarp? Maybe he can have a move called Mega Splash :3 “Mega Magikarp used Mega Splash. AND IT HIT!!!! Who are you going to laugh at now?!?!?!?! The Elite Four have been wiped out.”

  • Emmanuel