Pokémon Mega Evolutions Are a Thing


In Game Freak’s never-ending quest to force me to forget the simpler days,  these Pokémon …things… called Mega Evolutions have been announced. And guys, I’m starting to feel like the Grandpa who’s all, “Bbbbbbback in my day we had the Atari ::coughhackwheeze::” who you try to get to play the Xbox 360. Do you know what I mean? Like, I feel as if Pokémon is SO gamefreakin’ over my head (see whut I did thar?) at this point I don’t know whether to dive in and adapt, or throw in the towel. Either way I have full intentions of purchasing Pokémon X and Y — for whatever reason — so I suppose it doesn’t really matter how well I understand , does it? Sigh. I’m pathetic.

In Britt terms, a Mega Evolution is, uh, sort of like buffing the shit out of your character during a fight. The effects aren’t permanent and go away after each battle, but for that duration your Pokémon will be a badass motherfudger. I still don’t quite understand what…OH! Okay, according to the official website:

mega pokemon

Word. That’s what I thought.

Baby steps…I’m taking baby steps.  I GOT THIS.

Are you stoked for Pokémon X and Y?

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