Pokemon Blue Log #2: GO FISH, GO!

Y’know, it’s kind of hard to write about one’s progress in Pokémon! I mean, it’s not like the story is super complex with uber-layers and there isn’t a heckuva lot to do besides wander around, defeat gym leaders and, well, catch Pokémon. 

That being said, I spent a few hours last week catching these mystical creatures I would give my right testicle to bring into IRL. Seriously. I wish Pokémon were real so hard—but what’s weird is I used to want an IRL Koffing. I thought the little ball of gas would be extremely fun to play with. 

::points to self: WEIRDO. Yeah, he’d be super cute until he farted all over your face. 

Anyway, I defeated Lt. Surge and he was a walk in the park compared to the battle with Misty!


The battle with Surge eventually put my Charmeleon over level 30 (I think he’s currently at 32) AND if I remember correctly, Misty’s badge only confirms level 30 and below Pokemon will obey. I don’t remember getting another level-esque badges from Surge, so I’m worried Charmeleon will stop listening–in which case, ladies and gentlemen, I’m fucked. 

However, I do have a new weapon in my arsenal. 


YEAAAAH! Go fish, go! 

Other than Magikarp Gyarados, I’m currently rolling with Charmeleon (duh), a level 20 Pikachu, level 29 Dugtrio, a level 10 Sandshrew and a level 10 Bellsprout. I have a Geodude being watched by the daycare. 

::cue cheesy smile and thumb-up signs:: GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL! 

….Unfortunately I think I’ve caught, like, 30.

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