Phase One of Woman Cave: Frame Awesome Posters

I have a few more posters to go, but uh holy shit? Since when have poster frames cost an arm and a leg? UGGGGH. But it’s SO worth it. They look so much prettier framed <3.

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  • I’m digging the Uncharted poster!

  • So does phase two actually exist, or is this just a clever title?

  • I’d have posters on my wall but I want the free space for when I start printing posters made by me. Which has already started happening.

  • Beez: Yes. There are phases u n00bt00b.
    Obed: Oh that’s cool. My posters would be nothing but stick figures.

  • Yeah but it took Picasso a life time to learn how to draw like a child; and now you have the skill that took him so long to get.

  • Alex

    I’m officially in love when I saw the FF9 poster 😀