Persona 5 Trailer Makes Me UMFFF


Gyaaaaaaah! Can’t…contain…the…excitement…WAAAH! /bursts into flames or whatever

The only Persona title in my resume is Persona 4 Golden, and I’m on the last-ish boss. I mean, I know I’m, like, 96.8% through the game, but one never knows how many last bosses one will truly have to face AND THAT IS IRRELEVANT. What is relevant is how goddamn GOOD that friggen’ game is and how I now consider myself a Persona fanatic, despite my lackluster history with the franchise. In any case freakin’ Persona 5 looks freakin’ rad, with that platforming and stealth ish going on. AND ‘DEM DUNGEONS. Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Ahem. We know Persona 5 has a PS3/PS4 launch this year in Japan, but we still don’t know when it’s coming to North America, although it has been confirmed to be coming ’round these here parts.

I…I can’t stop watching the trailer. ARE YOU EXCITE.

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  • Will Castillo

    What the hell did I just watch?

  • Guy Incognito

    I came….

  • Christopher Galloway

    very stylish!

  • John Ontibero

    I loved p4 and i am full of optimism for thjs new entry into the series i hope the characters will be as lovable as the p4 were!