**CLOSED** Nintendo Hoodies!!! >__<


TVStoreOnline.com recently shot yours truly an email and was all, “HEY! We have rad Nintendo hoodies in!” I responded with a coddling “Shhhh. Shhh. Don’t say any more.” And before I knew it a Link hoodie was waiting for me at my front door. Ooookay, so maybe that’s not exactly how our conversation went, but the point is I now have a new favorite hoodie.

(If only that entire process would happen with, like, clones of Alistair or Nathan Drake or something. …Is the process of creating humans based off of fictional video game characters in test tubes legal? What about mailing said created humans to personal addresses? Asking for a friend.)

Anyway, check out this fucking rad hoodie. My mom claims she won’t go out with me in public while I’m wearing it, but I know she’s only kidding. (Right, mom? Right?)




It’s pretty much my new favorite thing of ever. It’s so comfy and bright and I just LOVEEEEEEEE it. (And from the reaction I get while wearing it, so does everyone else!) I chose the Link hoodie because, well, Zelda, but there are also some sweet Mario, Luigi and Wario hoodies as well!

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Because I loved mine so much I asked if we could give a hoodie to one of you. (Think of it as a thank-you for being a kickass reader of my weirdness.) TVStoreOnline was totally on board and now you have the chance to win a hoodie of your own!

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I’m so excited for whoever wins this. SO EXCITED.

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