**CLOSED** Nintendo Hoodies!!! >__<


TVStoreOnline.com recently shot yours truly an email and was all, “HEY! We have rad Nintendo hoodies in!” I responded with a coddling “Shhhh. Shhh. Don’t say any more.” And before I knew it a Link hoodie was waiting for me at my front door. Ooookay, so maybe that’s not exactly how our conversation went, but the point is I now have a new favorite hoodie.

(If only that entire process would happen with, like, clones of Alistair or Nathan Drake or something. …Is the process of creating humans based off of fictional video game characters in test tubes legal? What about mailing said created humans to personal addresses? Asking for a friend.)

Anyway, check out this fucking rad hoodie. My mom claims she won’t go out with me in public while I’m wearing it, but I know she’s only kidding. (Right, mom? Right?)




It’s pretty much my new favorite thing of ever. It’s so comfy and bright and I just LOVEEEEEEEE it. (And from the reaction I get while wearing it, so does everyone else!) I chose the Link hoodie because, well, Zelda, but there are also some sweet Mario, Luigi and Wario hoodies as well!

Because I loved mine so much I asked if we could give a hoodie to one of you. (Think of it as a thank-you for being a kickass reader of my weirdness.) TVStoreOnline was totally on board and now you have the chance to win a hoodie of your own!

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I’m so excited for whoever wins this. SO EXCITED.

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  • Will Castillo

    It’s always been a toss up between Link and Samus

  • Cody Deputy


  • Jolson

    Link ftw

  • Jeff Ngo

    I wish I was worthy enough to carry the Master sword

  • Jon Murray

    Hellz to the Yeah!!! Link, all the way!

  • Roger Svahn

    Mario is Mario.. So Mario 😀

  • Matt Pesina

    All I know is I wanna get a keyboard and play the Zelda theme song everywhere I go lol

  • Adventureless_Hero

    Link has been my fave for decades. Hell, Zelda in the form of 1990’s Legend of Zelda the animated series by dic was my imaginary friend growing up! if i had this had hooded i would look almost as cool as britt…almost.

  • Leo Repko

    Love it!!!

  • Christopher Galloway

    I like Mario.

  • No contest, Link over all. I even spent way too much on etsy to get a badass hoodie of my own! Could aaaalllways use another though! 0:)

  • Sarah Whitlock

    Link all the way!!! I have a pretty nice collection of Zelda items but damn that hoodie is amazing!

  • My favorite Nintendo character would have to be Samus. Pre-Other M Samus.

  • Megan Ward

    Link, Of Course. <3

  • Luca Rago

    Mario Mario

  • Samantha Sofka

    Link <3

  • Janelle Peters Brown

    LINK! He’s my boyfriend in my dreams. 🙂

  • Shay

    Link.. i still got the golden version cartridge of zelda from 1988 along with my NES.

  • Lee

    I have a toos up too. Link and the character you play in Actraiser.

  • Karissa Barrows

    I *have* to pick a favorite?? Ermm…. Sheik. Maybe. I DON’T KNOW I CAN’T PICK FAVORITES

    • Oh come on Karissa, you know who your favorite is. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

  • Alekander Olsen

    Link…hands down!

  • Hope Bishopriggs

    Definitely have to go with Link. Btw, I love that master sword! It’s badass

  • SheriffEarp


  • Sarah Grace

    LINK, for sure my fav.

  • My favorite Nintendo character has always been Mega Man.. well, until he became not one. Same with the entire Belmont clan, though we never see any of those on Nintendo consoles anymore, save for Smash 4 and Mirror of Fate, respectively.

    For currency sake, I’d have to go with Link or Samus.

  • Alyssa D’loa

    Love it!!!

  • Honestly, going to have to go with Luigi. Growing up I used to love playing Super Mario Bros. 2 with one of my cousins, but every time I played with them, they’d choose Mario and make me choose Luigi. Finally one day my dad, seeing how upset I was, consoled me by pointing out all the ways Luigi was more awesome than Luigi. I can’t remember specifics, but I do know that it ranks as one of the few truly great memories of my dad from my childhood.

    Now just waiting for his promise of Nintendo creating “Bluigi” to come true. *shakes fist*

  • 4l3x T0rr3s

    Favorite Nintendo Char? Link. Obviously 😀

  • Sergio Castillo

    Favorite Nintendo character is definitely Link!

  • Zach Tang

    Bowser… unless we’re talking Smash Bros. then Samus ALL THE WAY! (would select a pokemon but 1 of 719 choices is more than just going with the originals! 😀 ) Also, if it is one of the 4 that they have hoodies for, it would totally be LINK! (not Zelda… some people don’t know the difference…. smh)

  • Error

    Samus tho.

  • M Ben Riddick

    Link is surely my favorite character!

  • Abraham

    Favorite character, I’d go with either Charizard, Link, Mario, or Bowser.

  • ninjacellprime

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

  • ninjacellprime

    As for favorite Nintendo character, it’s a toss up between Link and Samus Aran.

  • Julián Salinas

    My favorite is Mario! The best! lml

  • Nikki Powell


  • Ron W

    My favorite nintendo character is Gannon. He’s not evil, he’s just misunderstood!

  • trace face

    I wish there was a peach one with tiara hoodie! She’s my favorite. Oh wait…or yoshi…. I cant decide.

  • Jonathan Lindberg

    Donkey Kong is my favorite Nintendo character. SO MUCH SMASHING!

  • Deidre Loiselle-Root

    LINK FTW. I seriously want this hoodie no matter how much I embarrass people I’m with whilst wearing it~ c:

  • Tosix

    Mario & Luigi

  • Cole

    My favorite Nintendo character will probably always be Samus because Metroid changed the way I looked at video games forever…

  • BizzyBlade


  • Chantel

    There is many to choose from. I love Link, the world and journey he adventures through amazes me. I love everything about Link and the Legend of Zelda. When it comes to Mario Kart, Peach is my go to girl. Though everyone dislikes her, I love her sassy attitude as she throws blue turtle shells.

  • Marcus Green

    It’s Banjo. I don’t care that it’s Rare’s character. They basically were Nintendo when Banjo was made. Don’t take this away from me.

  • Chris

    Why must you torture me with making such an impossible choice?! Hmm, ok fine if I can only pick one favourite I’d have to go with Luigi because he’s the underdog who never gets the respect he deserves. That being said though, if I win I’d opt for the Link hoodie as it looks so badass!

  • Jacob Adam Ferrar

    I have, ever sense my childhood, have loved the Legend of Zelda. So my favourite is Zelda. After having to save her so many times, I feel like she is most enjoyable in Wind Waker, where she HELPS YOU FIGHT GANON! That is awesome.

  • Kristoph Corbin Livingston

    I really like Link, Samus, and Sheik!

  • Tiffany Mrazik

    My favorite by far is the link one, you said it best- because Zelda! Oh goodness I hope I win this, I’m such a huge Nintendo nerd, I’d proudly wear any of them. This would totally go with my Halloween plans! I’m going as Zelda, my son (6) will be link, and my daughter (9) will be Sheik.

  • Paul DelRio

    hands down, going to have to say Yoshi! that awesome little dragon has saved my life (referring to mario ;P) so many times its re-donka-donk! xD

  • cowdestroyer

    Link is by far the best Nintendo character.

  • Schmeckle18

    Mine is and will always be Link.

  • BigBossZero

    Favorite is Link, I have been a fan of Zelda since I was a little kid and it will always be my favorite game series of Nintendo’s next to Metroid, I have good memories of my childhood playing Zelda with my brother while my.parents were going through a rough divorce, so Zelda holds a special place in my heart

  • Orionsangel

    It’s Donkey Kong. Because when I was 9 in 1982. I would spend time playing it in the arcades with all my friends.

  • Joe C

    I’ll go with my homie Link.

  • Equardo

    Favorite is link, definately.

  • beau peterson

    That’s a nice hoodie – but the only gaming hoodie I wear is badassery… and it’s made for chicks but I don’t care. From the Bethesda store I bought the Dark brotherhood(ie)

  • Michael Gonzales