Nintendo Bigwigs Are Taking A Pay Cut


In recent light of Nintendo’s, erm, less-than-stellar sales predictions and numbers (we’re talking an operating loss of $15+ million, folks) President Saturo Iwata announced he’s taken a 50% paycheck reduction while other Nintendo board members have taken a 20%-30% cut. The reduction in pay is expected to last until at least June when Iwata will reassess the entire situation.

Thursday Nintendo is holding a management policy conference, and Iwata has said the theme will be “how to utilize smart devices”.

Hmmmm. I feel warm and fuzzy and sad all at the same time. I bet this is what it feels like when a woman’s hormones are all sorts of out of whack while she’s incubating another human in her uterus. …Am I pregnant?

But seriously, I have to commend these guys for taking a paycut. They’re right — Nintendo is losing money, and clearly job roles ain’t being fulfilled to the max so why should they be paid for those ugly numbers? I really, REALLY hope this is the wake-up call the company needs, because, damn, it seems as though everyone and their mother saw this coming except Nintendo.

Regarding the whole mobile thing… ::rubs beard::… do you have any ideas as to what it could be? Perhaps a Nintendo app? Mini-games related to certain IPs?

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