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I somehow scratched the front. :`(

I know, I know. This is pretty much the best thing you have ever set your eyes on, am’I’rah? BUT WAIT. IT GETS BETTER. Check out the backside of this thing:

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I received this flask for Christmas because even when I drink I must represent the industry. And by represent the industry I mean I get shit-faced and tell everyone I love them, but not more than the video game industry because the video game industry has sexy AI characters. (This is an actual thing that happened not too long ago. I wasted 15 minutes of a stranger’s life insisting why Alistair and I are destined to be together. I am not proud.)

The flask can be purchased from Athena’s Wink on Etsy, but it looks like the shop is down until January 6th. Mark yo’ calendars and get yourself one! Even if you don’t plan on ever using the flask it still looks sexy on a shelf. It’s like The Elf on a Shelf but cool.

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  • ThePinkPhantom

    Someone needs to get you a T shirt that says “Gamer who’s also a girl” a girl on the front. And on the back “…so you better be willing to settle for Alistair’s sloppy seconds.”

  • Wesley Phoenix

    lol Did you already scratch the front? I tried to look but the vendor is on vacation. I want one to put my Macallan 12 yr in 🙁