N7 Day 2013!!! >___<

N7 Day Banner


I am SO excited for N7 Day. Not only because it’s an amazing chance to celebrate the awesomeness that is the Mass Effect Universe, but because I have a ton of goodies to give away — all of which are courtesy of BioWare! (For the record, these goodies showed up in the crate below, whiiich will likely be converted into my first-born’s crib.)

N7 crate

I won’t lie — I want to keep everything-friggen-thing that came in this crate because I’m a hoarder and it’s in my nature, but hey, I figure the least I could do to thank you guys for being awesome readers is hand everything out. AND MAYBE I GET A THRILL OUT OF GIVING STUFF AWAY, OKAY?! Except for my video games. Those stay with me. And after I give these goodies away I may or may not stalk you and steal ’em back. Fair warning. 😉

Take a look at what you could win!

FYIzzle, the N7 crate ain’t a prize. Oh, uh, and I may or may not be keeping one of the things for myself:

N7 shotglass

OH YEAH. There’s no need for an emergency induction port when you have one of these bad boys! So, yeah, you can’t win this. But you can look at it! <3

There we have it! Keep an eye out on my Twitter and Facebook pages for when contests go live. Each contest won’t last longer than an hour or two. Also make sure to check out some of the other all-day activities BioWare is hosting!


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  • Roger Dodger

    I mean. I don’t know how to say this, but I’m pretty sure I’m wet.

    • Brittney Brombacher


  • Jonathan Lindberg

    I want these O_O, and the Mass Effect Risk game!

    • Brittney Brombacher

      Yeah me too! That Risk game looks ahhhh-mazing.

      • Jonathan Lindberg

        I got the Halo Wars Edition. It’s incredibly fun! Different play style than the norm, which makes it more intriguing!

  • 4l3x T0rr3s

    I also want all of this 😀

    • Brittney Brombacher

      Well maybe you’ll get lucky? 😉

  • Perry Rodriguez

    I cannot express my desire for these items…

    • Brittney Brombacher


  • Hillary

    is this where I can buy this stuff?