My Woman Cave is Clean…er.


Thanks to the past two “woman cave” videos, I’ve been able to, ahem, scrub the floor in my woman cave. Kind of. I mean, it’s still technically a mess but it’s a vast improvement over what it was.

I don’t have that many loose games floating around. (Minus the gaggle of PS1 titles I had to omit from my last video due to stupid audio sync issues. Those will be in the next video!) And this is a good thing, because I really, TRULY don’t have any more shelf space. I don’t know what I’m going to do this summer during garage sale season when I inevitably bring buttloads of ‘dem vidjagames home. I’ll probably tear down a wall or something. That’ll be fun. RAMPAAAGE! 

So no, the games aren’t an issue for now. But what I am scratching my head over are those magazines you see on the floor. I don’t know where to put them. I’m scared if I stack more on the shelf it’ll topple over as the boards are starting to bend in the middle. Yeaaaah. Bins are always an option, but EW. That means they wouldn’t be on display! And what’s the point of having a woman cave if you can’t display its contents loud and proud?!

Yeah. I totally went there. 

<3 Britt

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  • You could take the magazines and start hanging them on the wall. You could make a wall-sized collage of magazines, lol

    • Britt

      Oooh. That screams effort.

  • Frank

    You definitely need to find a bigger room for your Woman Cave 😛
    As for the issue of the magazine, the only long-term option is probably to build yourself a custom heavy duty shelves unit or some sort.
    Doesn’t need to be expansive wood, just strong one, and you can always paint it afterward 😛

    • Britt

      Y’know, that’s probably what I’m going to have to do. This particle board crap sucks balls and isn’t sturdy at all!

  • Weebo

    You really, desperately need a new shelf system. One with lights, glass and glitter.

    • Britt

      Dude. I like the way you think. MOAR GLITTER!

  • dmann

    I did suggest getting comic book boxes for the magazines…

    • Britt

      That you did…

  • Normally I would say you need to get comic book boxes. but the dimensions of the guides and magazines are different from that of comics.Its too bad you would have taken collector nerd to its next power level (“that box over there is nintendo power from 1995 to 1997”)
    My little suggestion is that you actually keep the magazine’s and game guides in your living room. Its a good conversation starter
    “wow look at all these gaming magazines, you have quite the collection” says guest
    “glad you like it, let me show you my woman cave!” says Brit.
    the guests face shifts from bewilderment to questioning then to a little turned on then straight back to bewilderment.

    If you do knock down a wall in your apartment make sure to post a picture of you with the plushy mace next to the broken down wall. Make sure the owner see’s it, he/she won’t mess with you about the wall. Cause you don’t fuck with that kind of crazy.

  • Rick

    its not clean untill you unpack uncharted 3 =P

  • Boots_33

    Missing from this photo: The Boob Pillows.

  • Tim

    Get some comic bins for the mags. Put little tabs up for them and everything. If you get a CD case you can throw the games in there and the maybe comic bin just the cases as well. The CD cases save a ton of shelf room. I got nearly 600 games, DVDs and CDs sitting in one case / binder and it only takes up about 5″ wide x 13″ deep of shelf space. I’m going to have to get another one soon, but still.

    • Weebo

      But displaying the grandeur is half of the allure of collecting.

      • Tim

        True. Looks like a wall is just going to have to go. At least half the wall.