My Wall is Now Amazing

8 Bit Mario Decals 2

So, I’ve had these amazing Mario Wall Graphics from ThinkGeek since my birthday back in May, but I’ve been holding off on putting ’em up until I was settled into my new place. (Also, I use the term “settled” lightly. I DON’T KNOW HOW I HAVE SO MUCH SHIT.) Well, it became apparent yesterday morning that I wouldn’t be totally settled for some time, so I essentially said “EFF THAT NOISE” and got to wall-graphic-sticking work.

I’m all bout first impressions (so, uh, if you’re new I hope I haven’t botched mine), therefore I decided to plaster the bitty-awesomeness on one of the first walls you see upon walking into my apartment. (That’s the front door you see above!)

8 Bit Mario Decals

Now, depending on where one’s eyes wander upon entering my abode one will either see the Mario Decals, the Master Sword/Hylian Shield display or the “In Case of Zombies Break Glass” piece. YES. I have covered all of the bases. MUAHAHAHAHAHA…HA…haaaaaaaaaa. Ahem.

At first I was a bit bummed that the box of graphics only came with mostly what you see above (I only have a few spare decals left. I think I’m going to stick them on, like, the toilets or refrigerator or something) but it turned out perfect, as the wall you see above is quite small. But if you want to build an expansive level I would recommend buying at least two, possibly three graphic boxes.

If you want some Mario decals of your own, head to ThinkGeek!

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