My mom is adorable.

I love her so much.

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  • Justin

    cute. Happy Reaper hunting

    • Britt

      Thanks! <3

  • Harlen

    Lol that’s cute

    • Britt

      Isn’t she?

  • Weebo

    Your mom doesn’t know you at all.

    • Britt

      LOL. You’d be surprised…

  • Ray

    If you never knew that the game existed, and you had no idea that it was a game, then a message stating “Mass Effect will be released at Midnight” sounds like Brittany’s an Al’Queda operative and the shit is going down at midnight!

    Rock on Mom!

    • Britt

      HAHAHAHA!!! WORD! I’ll have to relay to her that she has a supporter ;D

  • My mom convinced me to buy the game tomorrow instead of saving my money for bills. <3

  • Boots_33

    But is it a CE?