My Game Plan (is that a pun?)

So, heres the sitch. Its September 13th. We have five weeks until Batman: Arkham City releases. After that its two weeks until Uncharted 3, then a week(ish) until Skyrim. A week and a half later, Skyward Sword is out.

Holy balls on fire hanging from an oak branch. I HAVE FIVE MORE WEEKS UNTIL LIFE SOMEHOW GETS INFINITY TIMES BETTER.

With Portal 2 finally in the bag, this means I have some time to try out a few of the games I have been itching to play. 

Panzer Dragoon Saga I freakin bought a Sega Saturn just for this game, and I have yet to venture beyond the opening cinematics.  I’ve been bitching about wanting an old-school JRPG experience for some time, so I really should just shut my mouth and get to it. Plus, I’m 96.5%  sure my aunt will kill me if I don’t.Bayonetta This game has always intrigued me, and I want to know why the feminazis hate this game so much. Something about the misrepresentation of women? Bah. Its called fiction for a reason. Also, I own a replica of one of Bayonettas gun-shoe things (I think thats what it is) and I feel like a poser since I havent even played the game.

L.A. Noire I want to play L.A. Noire very hard, and ever since I bought it a few months ago its been lurking in the back of my mind. Or maybe thats just the ghost of former Team Bondi. Siiiiggggh. Anyway, I like the idea of interrogating people. I can be Mysterious Mystery Solver Britt (M.M.S.B.) and I will solve all of your problemz.

Anyway, I think Ill start with Bayonetta. Itll require less time to finish than Panzer Dragoon Saga and LA. Noire, and yknow what? Im in the mood for some action since Portal 2 was kinda, well, you know, non-actiony. That being said, I have the best vocabulary ever.

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  • Nazario Lopez

    MINECRAFT!!!! that is all.

    • Britt

      Ahhh yes. I do need to play that and get caught up on what all the cool kids are talking about. Like, what’s a creeper?

  • Tom Nord

    So much for getting you to delve further into Ninja Gaiden, huh?

    • Britt

      Haha. I’ve been watching my homie play that game, and he’s sorta at the end so I wanna wait a while so the story kinda slips my mind. “What story?” I know, I know.

  • Justin

    aaaaaaaaAAAAaand everybody said, about the nerd.
    nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd is the word.
    Aw, everybody said about the nerd,
    nerd, nerd, nerd is the word.

    Don’t you know about the nerd?
    WELL everybody’s talking about the nerd!
    Nerd, nerd,nerd is the word, bleh.

    SUUUUUUURFINNN NERD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :V

    • Britt


  • Five weeks to finish all of them, good luck Britt as none of them are what I’d call short games

    • Britt

      Well, boo on you! 😉

  • No worries, I’m sure you’ll get it worked out. And there is always the spring to catch up on missed holiday titles.

    • Britt

      Beez. You’re always there, cheering me on. When I’m rich and famous I’m paying for Brombacher Milby’s edu-ca-mation.

  • I’ve been on the same kind of kick. Being sick and poor has certainly helped me pick up some of the older titles on my shelf, but I’ve gotten through Vanquish and Bulletstorm, and polished off Red Dead and Portal 2. Not a bad week to say the least, haha.

    • Britt

      IN A WEEK!?!?! Whaaaaaaaaa?

  • Frank

    I think you forgot about the Ico/Shadow of the colossus Collection at the end of the month, and also, Dark Souls (if you feel like playing a old school hard game)

    • Britt

      There’s also Gears 3, but they’re not on my immediate “ZOMG MUST BUY” list. Thank God, otherwise I’d kill myself. But it’d be a good death because it’d be because I had too many videogames. Or something.