My Game Plan (is that a pun?)

So, heres the sitch. Its September 13th. We have five weeks until Batman: Arkham City releases. After that its two weeks until Uncharted 3, then a week(ish) until Skyrim. A week and a half later, Skyward Sword is out.

Holy balls on fire hanging from an oak branch. I HAVE FIVE MORE WEEKS UNTIL LIFE SOMEHOW GETS INFINITY TIMES BETTER.

With Portal 2 finally in the bag, this means I have some time to try out a few of the games I have been itching to play. 

Panzer Dragoon Saga I freakin bought a Sega Saturn just for this game, and I have yet to venture beyond the opening cinematics.  I’ve been bitching about wanting an old-school JRPG experience for some time, so I really should just shut my mouth and get to it. Plus, I’m 96.5%  sure my aunt will kill me if I don’t.Bayonetta This game has always intrigued me, and I want to know why the feminazis hate this game so much. Something about the misrepresentation of women? Bah. Its called fiction for a reason. Also, I own a replica of one of Bayonettas gun-shoe things (I think thats what it is) and I feel like a poser since I havent even played the game.

L.A. Noire I want to play L.A. Noire very hard, and ever since I bought it a few months ago its been lurking in the back of my mind. Or maybe thats just the ghost of former Team Bondi. Siiiiggggh. Anyway, I like the idea of interrogating people. I can be Mysterious Mystery Solver Britt (M.M.S.B.) and I will solve all of your problemz.

Anyway, I think Ill start with Bayonetta. Itll require less time to finish than Panzer Dragoon Saga and LA. Noire, and yknow what? Im in the mood for some action since Portal 2 was kinda, well, you know, non-actiony. That being said, I have the best vocabulary ever.

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