Must I purchase Pokemon X/Y?

Courtesy of reddit, of course.

Courtesy of reddit, of course.

Okay guys, give it to me straight (as opposed to curvy or twisted): how the hell is Pokemon X/Y?!

I’ve held off on purchasing a 3DS thus far, but I’m wondering if these Pokemon QRSTUVWXYZ games (that, ladies and gentlemen, is the lack of sleep coming through) is the killer app I’ve been waiting for. My biggest and probably only concern is that I’m unfamiliar with most of the Pokemanz and I’m afraid I’ll look like a blonde deer in headlights when I read: “A WILD BUTTSEX MCCALISTAIR HAS APPEARED!” Like, WTF is a Buttsex McCalistair? Is it a psychic type? Grass? It couldn’t possibly be a fighting type. After all, if I know anything about aButtsex McCalistairs its that they’re lovers not a fighters.

Right. So please, in terms a sleep-deprived individual can understand (CURSE YOU EASTERN STANDARD TIMES AND SUCH) is Pokemon X/Y a must-buy?

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