More Woman Cave Goodies

Here at our focus is to stuff our woman caves full of new and foreign objects.

Never faltering from our focus, I shall show you the latest items to be inserted inside MY woman cave.

…Y’know, I feel like “woman cave” is such an obnoxious word that it should only be used once every 350 words or so. But here I am, inserting the word three times and I’m not even a hundred words in. Fail.

Over the weekend I ventured east of the mountains and came across a “Hastings” store. Um, I’ve never heard of this store in my entire life but let me tell you they had some GOOD shit there. And now, let me show you those photos I promised.

CAN YOU SPOT WHAT’S NEW? Of course you can’t, silly, because unlike me you don’t stare at my Dragon Age shrine for at least twelve minutes a day. I bought Dawn of the Seeker. I haven’t watched it yet. I haven’t heard good things therefore I am nervous.

I’ve owned Resident Evil: Archives for years now and had NO idea Archives II was ever released. Think of aaaaalll of the Resident Evil information you could ever want (storylines, timelines, memos, reports, character info, etc) and it’s in there. It’s pretty much the Resident Evil bible.

So, uh, yeah I’m a pretty big DBZ fan. Blast it all you want, but them crazy fightin’ scenes that last forever? Love them. The stupid humor? Love it. Oh, yeah, and this guy below?

If I could, I would do unspeakable, ungodly things to that man. Too bad he’s consisted of, like, ink. Anyone know of any good Trunks cosplayers? I may or may not have a bucket list item I need to fulfill. Anyway, I now have a Capsule Corp patch and that makes my life meter 1% fuller.

…I had to add another shelf, you guys. I seriously have no more room for more videogames. “What videogames?”, you ask. Well, let me show you my floor.

What. The. Fuck.

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