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I’ve always known I’m slightly different than most females because of one reason: I don’t have a purse fetish.


But seriously, I’m not one to drop $500 on a leather bag that will eventually become nothing more than the equivalent of a trash can, and $500 is, like, a new video game console.  Hell, I’m probably breaking Girl Code by admitting this, but I’ve been using the same purse for about two years now. /GASP (I think they’re only supposed to have a six-month shelf life!)

However that is all about to change. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new purse.

legend of zelda purse

purse 2


Earlier this morning Jeremy hit me up on Twitter and SWORE he had found the purse of my dreams. My first thought was, okay, I better be clicking on a bag made out of Alistair’s skin (is that creepy?) but what I saw — the above purse — was ten times better than anything I expected. The BEST part (besides the amazeballs design) is that this love bag is only $34.99 on DisturbinglyAdorable’s Etsy page!

I ordered mine within twelve seconds of laying eyes on it, and now I can’t wait for that bad boy to show up on my front porch. Oh yeah. It’s going to be amazing. I’m going to treat this thing better than any purse I have ever owned before.

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  • CyKlops

    Love it!

    • britt5091

      Me too!

  • I will keep an eye out for one made out of his skin for next time 😛

    • britt5091

      HAHA! Thanks, it’s your duty 😉

  • there goes thirty bucks off my next paycheck. (:

    • britt5091

      RIGHT?! 😀

  • I absolutely love the first picture by the way lol

    • britt5091

      Hahahaha! If I ever did online dating that’s the picture I would use.

  • that is awesome i might buy one and say its my man purse

  • Alistair’s skin? Sounds like a job for a 3D printer 😛
    Otherwise, that’s a wicked purse. LttP all the way.

    • britt5091

      Bahahahha EWWWW

  • Disturbingly Adorable

    Thanks so much for putting my purse on your blog! It really makes my day to read how much people enjoy my items.

    • britt5091

      Absolutely! Thank you so much for making amazing things! 😀 <3

  • Pokemon, one of my favourite things! Huzzah…yes I may also need a “satchel” ahem

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