Meet My Hallway

Fact(s): the two photos at the end of the hallway are things my mom put up to make my place more “homey”. The box you see waaay back there is full of dirty videogames I need to clean. Yes, they came from a garage sale.

OHAI! Many a’ time here on I have shown you my woman cave (ZING!) and it’s surrounding walls (DOUBLE ZING!).

But today, I’d like you to meet my hallway. I believe this is the first time it has ever made an appearance on this blog, so excuse it if it’s, like, shy or something.

Aaaand I’m officially a fucking weirdo.

Anyway, I recently spruced up this bad boy. It used to be bare and boring, but thanks to posters I snagged at PAX Prime, I managed to make it a lot more prettyful.

This is the poster I received for viewing the The Last of Us demo. Yes, the same demo I wanted 2.5 hours for. IT WAS SO WORTH IT. I have another one, so stay tuned for a giveaway!

I received this poster for playing Resident Evil 6! I really enjoyed the demo. Not that I wasn’t going to anyway, but I’m definitely picking it up at launch.

This is a Zelda poster I completely forgot I owned until I recently discovered it rolled-up in the back of my closet. Hopefully with time it’ll flatten out :/

Next up — THE BATHROOM!!!!

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  • Kenley McAlister

    lol poor zelda poster ):

    • britt5091

      I know 🙁

  • Christopher

    Where do you get your frames!? I need some for my posters.

    • britt5091

      Michael’s! They’re pretty cheap, too.

  • achilles410

    That’s an awesome Last of Us Poster.

    • britt5091

      It was SO worth the 2.5 hours.

  • creased up or not that History of Link poster is awesome!!

    • britt5091

      Yeah! It’s still pretty coooo.

  • can I just claim the other last of us poster now? or do I have to wait?

    • britt5091

      Hahaha! Godspeed, Alex 😉

  • Thanks to the internet I can no longer look at the Resident Evil 6 logo without thinking “Why is that guy blowing that giraffe?” You just can’t unsee it.

    • britt5091

      Oh man, I know. My mom was over the other day and I explained the, uh, secondary imagery. She hit me.

  • The Last of Us and RE6 are two of my three most anticipated games at the moment (and of course Zelda is awesome as well), so needless to say I approve!

    • britt5091

      YAY!!! Same here! 😀 😀 😀

  • Emily Rose

    Super! Love the Zelda and Res Evil ones.

    • britt5091

      <3. I want more Resi posters. But, like, I've ran out of wall room.

  • Nice pictures, Link throughout the years , keep it framed and it should flatten out.

    • britt5091

      I’m hoping so! 🙁

      • Take two paper towels place poster on top, take anothe paper towel and with a iron set o medium, Iron out the poster. Works pretty good, gotta use the paper towels to avoid direct heat to poster and to prevent the paper from whitening out the ink =)

  • Boots_33

    Anything The Last of Us makes my naughty bits tingle. If that game were a woman, it’d be Christina Hendricks’ twin.

    You have the coolest stuff. Granted, you hoard everything, but it’s frickin’ awesome.