Man at Arms Forges Sephiroth’s Masamune

Sepihiroth blade

Does…does it make me a bad person if I sorta-kinda want to tear off Sephiroth’s clothes and go at it with him like rabid Moogles?

A weird person. I’m pretty sure that makes me a weird person.

I have no doubt we’re all a bit accustomed the pain and hurt Sephiroth’s infamous blade, The Masamune, is capable of causing. Good thing The Masamune isn’t an IRL thing that could potentially get in the hands of such an evil — oh.

JDFKJSLFSDJDLF THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME. I’m such a huge fan of the Man at Arms series. Those guys have forged the Blades of Chaos, The Master Sword, the Buster Sword and even more. It makes me warm and fuzzy to see weapon and armor forging still a thing that’s happening, because I like to believe that someday this entire planet is going to turn into a fantasy world full of dragons, orcs and other fiends that will require such equipment. 


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  • azraelblack777

    Hmmm…what’s better? Frog’s Masamune, or Sephiroth’s? Sephiroth’s is definitely longer lol. And Sephiroth is the most annoying, evil, hardest to beat boss in Kingdom Hearts 1 🙁

    • Brittney Brombacher


      One Winged Angel will always be my jam.

      This was a random comment.

      • azraelblack777

        Hahahahahahaha…the way you wrote that reminded me of the old Adam West Batman TV show theme song 🙂 hahahahaha!
        And I will defeat Sephiroth once more on Kingdom Hearts…I’ve done it before, I shall do it again!

  • Bailey

    It looks so bendy.

    • Brittney Brombacher

      Is that what she said? O.O

  • Jonathan Lindberg

    Man at Arms is SOOOOO AWESOME! I love the Buster Sword he made!

    • Brittney Brombacher

      Man, it kinda makes me wish I was a blacksmith. What an effin’ cool job.

  • Abraham

    … I… I… That… I… That’s just… Awesome!

    • Brittney Brombacher

      HAHA! I love that meme!

  • JaiGuru

    So he built a very standard, if slightly longer, toy ornamental katana.

    Oh rapture.