Loot Crate Unboxing: VGHS Edition!

OH HEY GUYS! Another Loot Crate came in, which means I GOT TO UNWRAP IT AND TEACH IT MY NAME. Oh yeah. We had fun. >D

But for serious, this month’s Loot Crate was themed afterΒ Video Game High School, and inside were some pretty gnarly things. God, I love Loot Crates. They’re like a garage sale in a box, but you’re guaranteed awesomeness.

As always, you can signup at here and save 10% with discount code Alistair! (Don’t judge me.)

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  • Ryan Fisher

    I got my Loot Crate yesterday and I gotta say… I’d trade you my C3PO headphones for your yoda in a heartbeat πŸ™‚ I do dig getting the crates though, thanks for featuring them so I could get in on the swag myself.

    • britt5091


      Absolutely, I’m stoked you signed up! πŸ˜€

  • Guest

    This makes me wish I could actually afford things πŸ™

    • britt5091


  • Telenstias

    I really need to get a job so I can get cool swag like this.

    • britt5091

      Ha! Only $13-ish a month!

      • Telenstias

        $13.37 apparently… Super Leet πŸ˜€

  • Tim Hawks

    These crates look really cool. Might have to try one myself. I look forward to more of these videos or any of your videos for that matter. You are pretty funny πŸ™‚

  • Megan Ward

    I got mine too! I got pretty much all the same stuff but I did get a sonic car freshener, which was pretty frickin awesome πŸ˜‰ the funny part was, I opened my thor pez dispenser too and my boyfriend was like, “NOoooooo those are collectables” and i was like, “but I want some pez..”