Fellow geek blogger Tara from GeekyHostess alerted me to an amazeballs 24-hour $10 t-shirt sale currently underway at Threadless.com ((NOTE: The sale is now over :/)). Now, like I said before, this is simply amazeballs. I’ve had my eye on some designs for MONTHS now, but forking over $20 for a t-shirt just seemed thilly. (Yes, this is coming from the same girl who has spent hundreds on frivolous videogame purchases. Don’t judge me.)

LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT I ORDERED!! I promise this will be more exciting than being forced to sit through old family photo albums. <3333.

Shirt #1:

Shirt #2:

Shirt #3:

The Link shirt is one I’ve been eye-boinking for a while. In fact, I liked the design so much I saved it in my photos but I forgot to make a note of where I found the design, so months down the road when I finally wanted to pull the trigger and purchase it I, uh, didn’t know where to find it. BUT ALAS it will soon be mine! AND I GOT IT FOR HALF-OFF! BLAMMOOOOOO.

The Mario shirt is just oddly fucked up, and for that I like it. I kind of wish the women’s t-shirt color was the same as the men’s (darker blue) but it’s all gravy. As for the zombie shirt…I dunno. I guess I liked it and stuff. And really the shirt offers excellent advice, but it IS missing the whole “Go to Costco!” bit…

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  • Stephen

    Awesome, thanks for sharing. I just bough 4 shirts myself. I also bought the first two you showed.

    • Britt

      Oh sweet! ^__^

  • nice shirt buys =D

    • Britt

      Gracias! I can’t wait to wear ’em!

  • beezball

    Definitely the first shirt!

    • Britt

      That one is easily my favorite. So, like, clever and such. UNLIKE YOU!!! OOOOSNAP!!!

      (I can say these things because you are my friend.)

  • Justin

    I like Shirt #1

  • InertiaBrien

    oh man I’ve never seen that third one before! Sweet. I grabbed a couple on their last $10 sale. Screamin deal.

  • Weebo

    I think if I ever met a girl wearing shirt #3 I would probably ask her to marry me. Best shirt ever.