LOL of the Day: Effin’ Skulltulas

I cannot even express how TERRIFIED I was upon entering the Skulltula house in Kakariko Village for the first time. The music was creepy, I was a pansy, and there were these half-men half-Skultulla half-bearpig things lingering about. Of course my first instinct was to slaughter them, so I’d swipe them with my sword and while they were swinging from the impact I’d run behind ‘em and slash their back. But they’d always get me with their recovering spin attack. Those bastards.

If I could I would have used Din’s Fire to set that entire house of abominations on fire.

<3 Britt

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  • cleeprevo

    “Thank you for turning us back into humans again! Now we’re just going to stay in this dark house and dance in one spot forever!” Its a good thing I got the giant’s bag or even the good side in me wouldn’t want to save them.

    • Britt


  • Boots_33

    I think Link handled this professionally. FUCK SPIDERS!

    • Britt

      THANK YOU! I mean, it’s not like he could step on them or anything.

  • Weebo

    That’s exactly what I would have done.

  • Gotta admit, this is pretty hilarious!

  • I never did think of the skull people in that way. I guess most guys are like ha ha ha mutant spider dude.
    IMA poke him with a stick.

    What would you do if you came across a real life skulltula spider. We got them In texas =P

    mini skulltulas