Little Mac In Super Smash Bros.!!! (Of Course, I Want His Babies.)

Dear Little Mac,

I’m so very turned on — I mean, happy that your playability in the new Smash Bros. games was announced during today’s Nintendo Direct. I know you must be getting SWARMED by tons of fan emails, letters and phone calls, but I want you to know that your hot sexy self  — um, excuse me, instant re-rise of internet fame does not affect me. You see, Little Mac, I never played a lot of Punch-Out! which is why, to me, you’re just Little Mac. And I’m just Brittney. And together I think you and I have a bright future full of muscles, uh, memories. Memories.

Call me? xoxo


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  • Abraham

    It’s ok, I’m stoked to see him as a playable character too.

  • THE 一番 CRUSH

    I really hope Doc’s an assist.

  • anthorain

    Why couldn’t Doc be in the final smash? Little Mac takes his candy bar and tapes it to his foe, then Doc comes in and goes on a rampage to get it back. xD