Let’s Talk About The Final Fantasy VII Remake

What’chew think?

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  • syvyn11

    You are very wise. I don’t mind that it’s episodic. I’d rather pay a little at a time (say $15) than all at once (at 60). And I don’t mind the changes. I got FFVII on PSP and PS3 (PSone classic) and just got the PC version on PS4 a week ago. I can only play the same game so many times. Change is good. Sometimes. But in this case, it is indeed good. And after a while, others will think so too.

  • The Game Lounge

    This game will be amazing! It was a really large game to be honest. It took a very long time just to leave Midgar from Disc 1 and start exploring the planet, so I wouldn’t mind the entire game revolving around all sectors of Midgar. I’m particularly interested in the gameplay for this one as I’m hoping it’s not linear and allows us to explore.