Legend of Zelda: The Gif

Zelda Gif

Yup. This about sums it up. (But where are the clay pots?!)

For some reason this reminds me of random shenanigans I partook in during the 5th grade. But to set the mood, let me give you a visual as to what we looked like back then.
rekha and i

I was ALL about Ocarina of Time (it had just come out) and I had played the Deku Tree dungeon so many times I had the entire layout memorized. Well, my good friend Rekha and I were on a bus on our way back from a 5th grade class camping trip, and to pass the time I had the “brilliant” idea of mapping out the Deku Tree on paper. Meaning I would draw the layout of the dungeon, floor by floor, and have Rekha try to “complete” the dungeon. It was like a weird choose your adventure and Dungeons and Dragons crossover — but somehow it worked, and she was so into it she later came over and we played the real thing.

Cool story bro, tell it again.

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