In The Tall Grass

in the tall grass

…That’s it. I’m NEVER knocking out a low level Pokémon again. I FEEL SO BAD AND EVIL. All they wanted were warm and fuzzy Pokéballs to live in! WAAAAAAH!

/boots up Pokemon Blue and catches everything ever. Except the Rattatas. Those things are just…just no.

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  • Steven Burkeland

    Great now I have massive guilt issues.

    • britt5091

      I know 🙁 We might need therapy.

  • Andrew McCaslin

    this is probably the greatest strip ever

    • britt5091

      I love the last panel!

  • Joshua Butler

    Now I can justify my beating the living hell out of weaker pokemon with the idea that I’m evil.

  • Bradley Fraser

    I have never thought of that perspective before. I am so ashamed…and I am with you on the Rattatas.