In a perfect world….

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  • Weebo

    Holy crap I almost peed at Mortal Kombat!

    • Britt

      I loved the Punch Out one! I just played that for the first time last weekend so I appreciated it 😀

  • I don’t need perfect, I’d settle for being able to shoot the dog in Duck Hunt.

  • MovieGuru83

    You mean in a boring world!

    But I definitely lol’d at Zelda

  • austpatrick

    RE the duck hunt game: there is a machine gun version to be had online >.< it's quite fun! good vid btw.

  • Jeff

    Did you beat Punch Out Britt? Mike Tyson was so hard. But I finally was able to beat him after playing it every day on lunch while working at Nintendo.

  • Boots_33

    Oh shit, BURRITOS!!!