I’m No Longer Ashamed

As recent as yesterday afternoon, my woman cave looked like this:

It looked like an epic battle went down with the walls of my woman cave (there I go with stupid woman cave vag jokes again…). That’s all well and good (kind of) because, hey, I don’t need to clean and impress myself, but I sorta-kinda have a photoshoot today which takes sorta-kinda takes place in my woman cave.

So I cleaned.

I cleaned HARD.

Guys, I don’t even recognize this room anymore.

I had a DESK under all of that shit?!

I even organized my games! Well, as much as I could without doing an entire shuffle.


Um, all I’m going to say is you do NOT want to see my hallway. Because while I can’t make boxes of videogames disappear, I can place them in other rooms. <3.

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