I’m No Longer Ashamed

As recent as yesterday afternoon, my woman cave looked like this:

It looked like an epic battle went down with the walls of my woman cave (there I go with stupid woman cave vag jokes again…). That’s all well and good (kind of) because, hey, I don’t need to clean and impress myself, but I sorta-kinda have a photoshoot today which takes sorta-kinda takes place in my woman cave.

So I cleaned.

I cleaned HARD.

Guys, I don’t even recognize this room anymore.

I had a DESK under all of that shit?!

I even organized my games! Well, as much as I could without doing an entire shuffle.


Um, all I’m going to say is you do NOT want to see my hallway. Because while I can’t make boxes of videogames disappear, I can place them in other rooms. <3.

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  • Ardaam

    Nicely done Britt, doing a clear out of my old childhood crap at the moment myself, nice clean room soon

    • britt5091

      Yeah, I have to admit it feels nice. But the extra space makes me nervous.

      • Ardaam


  • WOW well done girl and you didn’t even have to hide it in the closet. Shit now I’m ashamed of my man cave by comparison. lol

    • britt5091

      LOL. Yessssssss.

  • Not too shabby! You proved me wrong.

    • britt5091

      MUAHAHA! Point for Britt! ;D

  • its always a good idea to tidy up your woman cave before you have guests coming in! *snigger*. The woman cave looks presentable, it should be a classy photoshoot! Now go shake your money makers! It is really hard to avoid cheesey jokes here Britt…
    I see close to zero shelf space in the clean room pictures, its going to take some serious organizing to unload those boxes resting in the hall way. Good luck and have fun with the photoshoot! And keep working on the Woman Cave it is an impressive gaming room/collection!

    • britt5091

      Yeah. It’s true. I have MAYBE a shelf or two left — thankfully, garage sale season is practically over. IT’S FOR THE BEST.

  • You are beyond amazing. That collection… is … wow. And I thought my man-cave house was intense with collections! I ain’t got nothin’ on you!

  • B-E-A-utiful…until she hits another garage sale.

  • waylandprod

    Well done!

  • Boots_33

    ::clapping face::
    It’s almost like you’re a real grown-up!

    Of course, what we really need is a time-lapse video of you putting all of those things BACK into the cave and figuring out where they belong.

  • Bring on teh Photo shoot. Heh heh, Hallway shenanigans. Nice setup after cleaning up.

  • Wow, it definitely looks more impressive when it’s organized.

  • Despite the overwhelming number of games/trinkets/what-nots you have I love how easily it is to pick out the Zelda games. You gotta love the gold cartridges

  • She cleaned out the woman cave!!! Oh. no, now she has time to plan world domination!!! Call the Pentagon! call the CIA! Call GI Joe!! At the very least alert the Brain; he and Pinky need to get hopping!


  • When I first saw this over the weekend I was inspired. Thus I finally cleaned my own room, aka Bat-cave in a grand endeavour. Books went on my bookshelf, posters were hung on my walls and my DVDs were organized. Cardboard boxes that had been sitting in my room for about 10 months are now emptied and recycled.

    Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person Britt

  • The Great Video Game Blog

    Looking good! I love the memorabilia spread about the room. It looks like you are similar to me…Organized chaos! LOL


  • Fellow blonde nerd fist pound!!! :3 That’s alot of hard work. I think I’ll just stick with the shameful heap you would call my bedroom.