I’m going to Video Games Live!

And what I’m trying to say is you should too.

Consider this post a friendly BlondeNerd reminder that this THING called a video game concert is more likely than not coming to a city near you and that you would be a fool to, like, not go. So do yourself a favor and go. And maybe if you’re cool enough you can come to the Tacoma, WA show and we can meet up and talk battle plans. And by battle plans I mean strategies for me to get into Alistair’s pants.

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  • I bought my tickets last week! I can’t wait!

    • britt5091

      SWEET! You’re going to lurve it! Especially if it’s your first 😀

      • It is my first! I am really hoping that Frank Klepacki will be part of the show but I don’t know how often he does the shows.

  • Hey I live near tachoma! Not sure if i can swing it at the moment

    • britt5091

      REALLY?! Holy balls! Keep me posted! You should try to go 😀