I’m E3 Bound!


Woohoo! E3, we will meet again!

I don’t think seeing this confirmation email will ever become less exciting; it will always make me giddy and give me warm and fuzzy feelings in areas of my body. Now I patiently wait to receive invites to the press conferences…


(See what I did thare? With the three E’s? Get it? E3? Hyuck.)

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  • Boots_33

    I like to think that my support had a hand is this, so you’re welcome! 😉

    • Britt

      Haha! Whatever makes you sleep at night my friend 😉

  • you lucky devil! Congratulations I am sure that you will get into plenty of press conferences.

    • Britt

      Thanks brah! E3 is always a good time 🙂