Illusion of Gaia Log #8: Well, shit.

Dark Gaia -- you're a whore.

Soooo here’s the thing. I’ve come to a complete standstill in Illusion of Gaia. You see, my friends, I’ve gotten as far as I possibly can — which is to the final boss. This is fantastic and great and all, but there are a few things plauging this experience.

The first time I fought against Dark Gaia my ass was beat; rammed; smacked up; killed. I died so hard. And because I was forced to use one of my three herbs leading up to the battle with Dark Gaia (you sorta-kinda have to fight all of the prior bosses BEFORE taking on Dark Gaia) this left my crippled ass with only two herbs. Herbs only recover, like, six or seven hearts. I have 20 hearts. THOSE BALLS ARE INERT.

I do have nine “continues” that allow me to start the battle over again. However, when you start a battle over via a “continue”, your health is reduced to half (ie; ten hearts) and you are not given your herbs back. So, when the herbs couldn’t carry me through the first battle (read: I used both of them within five seconds) and I was beat, rammed, smacked up and killed I was given nine tries to defeat Dark Gaia with half of my health and NO herbs. Hello, impossibility.

“But Britt! Why don’t you just start the battle over again so you can start with your two herbs?”

Oh, faithful reader, I would love to do so — however, I am stuck with 20 minutes of gameplay before the final battle ensues. And, yeah, this fight is HARD, especially when I only have two herbs to my name, so I know I would die several more times before I got the knack down. Do the math, and I’m looking at roughly two boss attempts or less per hour. I would get SO frustrated!

And what’s more — I really don’t care if I finish Illusion of Gaia.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed Illusion of Gaia, but the repetitive formula got a little too tiring for this chick, especially towards the end. The story was simple as could be, I had no investment in any of the characters (hell, truth be told I don’t give two shits about the main character) aaaaand…well, this is a minor bitch, but I swear the game’s soundtrack only had ten different songs. (That definitely did NOT help in the repetitiveness category…)

But I am a completer…kind of…so I will watch the ending on YouTube and then shelve Illusion of Gaia.

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