If box art was created 30 years ago…

OH MY GOD YES. What’s your favorite? I like L.A. Noire’s and Uncharted’s the most. So classic…

FUN FACT:  All of those are all real photos taken from legit box art from way back when. Check out the link below for some fun facts re: each cover you see above, like where the original box art came from, how it was spliced on the “new” boxes, etc.

(via gamesradar)

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  • Boots_33

    I own the game that they used for the fake Dead Space.

    Demon Attack was a pretty cool Space Invaders-like shooter. Tough at times, but always fun.

    Of course, this was before your time, young child.

    • Britt

      Tell me more, grandpa.

  • All these are awesome. They should have these for future games as flip covers… like they did for femshep in ME3.