I Want a Videogame Tattoo Part 3


A few months back I was contemplating getting inked with a videogame tattoo. The three specific franchises I looked at were the Zelda, Mario and Resident Evil franchises — as they were the first to spark and ignite my gaming obsession– but unfortunately the thought of needling my epidermis with a symbol from aforementioned games didn’t turn my crank, nah’mean? Because while having a Triforce, mushroom or decaying zombie displayed on my body sounds enticing, I don’t know if it’d be a great fit for me. (Although I am more opt to the idea of receiving a tattoo from the Zelda series as opposed to the others.) 

Sooo, I am back in contemplating mode and am thinking about other games that mean a super-duper lot to  yours truly.

Like Earthbound.

Sadly, this isn't my photo.

Siiiiigh….I remember when I first laid eyes upon Earthbound. It was so sexy with its huge box. My parents and I had just returned from a vacation– during which my aunt had been watching the house–and as a welcome home present she bought me the beastly RPG and left it on our kitchen counter. Let me tell you, it was love at first sight…it was so beautiful…until my mom burned the box, that is.

Anyway, I have fond memories of discussing this game for hours with my aunt, watching her play and having her assist me with my save file. It was one of the first games to introduce me to zombies and probably the first Teen game I ever played.

But what about getting a tattoo of something from Earthbound?

Ah, Mr. Saturn. Arguably one of the cutest lil’ dudes ever, if not only because of their, uh, language. It was always big and swirly.

OMFG! This is where I got the saying “Kay-o” from! <3333Oh, Pokey. You rat bastard. Cool tat, but HELL NAW.

The crew! Hahaha...he has Poo tatted on him. >D #Immature

I like the pixelated look on this one!

Cute, but I still like the pixelated look more. Fact: I named my dog Bowser.

AWWWWW!!! It's Tessie!! <3Dedication: this person has it.

Granted, I don’t want to steal someone’s exact tattoo but none of these triggered any mind-blowing ideas. That being said, Mr. Saturn would be cute but ummm…yeah. I dunno. TOUGH DECISION IS TOUGH!!!
I shall continue my search!
<3 Britt

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