I Want a Videogame Tattoo

I want to get a videogame tattoo, you guys, and I have for some time. Its clear that videogames are a part of my life and have impacted it greatly, which in mind equals perfect tattoo material. But I find myself facing that age-old dilemma of What the fuck do I get inked into my skin?

The first thing that pops into mind to get etched into my epidermis is a Triforce. Not only does it stand for Power, Wisdom and Courage (three awesomesauce traits) its also the representative symbol of the Zelda franchise, which means an uber-lot to me–it would be an understatement if I said I have deep ties to the Zelda series. And if you really wanna get technical, yellow is my favorite color.

PERFECT, right?! But while it sounds good on paper, I just cant follow through with it.

I’ve scoured the internet for Trifroce tats, and here’s what I’ve found.

Okay, I think this is really cute. It has some twirly designs around it that make it feminine. It looks like it's on a hip?

Uhhhh....UHHHHH...this clearly would have been the best Triforce tat ever had he just left the middle triangle naked. JUST SAYING. Also, /sarcasm

I can appreciate it, but this is kinda big. Just a little. But still, props.


Cool concept!

Oh man. I hope this is fake. :/

Okay, I see what she's going for with the colors. Intereeesting.

A Triforce tramp stamp, eh? Hmmmm....not for me, but this is actually pretty popular with the lady-geeks out there.


What is this I don't even

The next franchise I simply cannot ignore is that of the damn plumber’s. While Im not a major fan of Mario’s latest shenanigans, I have to give credit where credit is due: if it werent for the Mario games I may have never gotten into gaming. (Then again, I have a videogame obsessed grandmother who shoved games down my throat every time I visited her, so perhaps thats not entirely true.) My roots are with Super Mario World, Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario 64. The rest I could take or leave, honestly.

So, for the most part Im into the good ol 8 and 16 bit graphics. Ive always thought pixilated looking tattoos looked neat, but I dont know if theyre for me. I dont even know what I would get! Perhaps a turnip (LULZ)? A mushroom (cliché!)? A question block? Mario boinking Peach? None of these things sound like something I want imprinted into my skin. Sothe Mario franchise is kind of out.

CUTE. This would be really cute smaller and on a hip or something.

That looks...painful.


Wow. I'm sad to say I'll never have big enough balls to do something like this.

I, um, well that's an interesting concept to say the least...

...so is that one...

Jack of all trades! That Mario, so good at multitasking. No wonder Peach wants his nuts. Speaking of her...

BOW-CHICKA-BROWN-COW!!! Also, +5 for Bullet Bill!


OMG. OW. I am ticklish as hell, so I would probably be laughing/crying while this was happening. Either that or I would kick the tattoo artist in the face. Also, gross feet are gross.

These were just two franchises Ive come to know and love over the years. There are still several more that I need to consider, and Ill do so next week. But in the meantime, do you have a gaming tattoo? Do you regret it? Why did you get what you did?

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