I, um, purchased an iPad

Yup. I went out and bought lil’ ol me a 64 GB 4G iTampon. I like to think of it as a “business investment” — ┬áit makes the pang of spending “X” amount of money TOTALLY worth it. In fact, I think I only shed three and a half tears after the transaction went through!

But I gotta be honest and admit that this is my first Apple product EVER (I own an iPod touch from, like, 2006 but that doesn’t count) so if you can bestow your infinite wisdom upon yours truly and tell me any must-have apps, advice or give spare money to make up for the dent in my wallet I’d greatly appreciate it.

Yes, I do have a Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2 strategy guide app on my iTamponString.

Don’t judge me, bro.

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