I Have a Problem

Some may call it a problem, others may call it a solution. I happen to think I’m just overly obsessed with my favorite little green Hylian.

While browsing a game store yesterday I laid eyes upon something magnificent.

Something I needed.

Something that belonged in my woman cave.




Right, so what do you think this little handy dandy Ocarina of Time shield replica REALLY is?!

…a case of mints.

And I tried opening the shield to see what sort of mints awaited inside, but I couldn’t get it open so I just plopped it in my Zelda shrine.

Good enough.

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  • Masta Yoshi

    Wowzers!!! Thats a Zeldology!

    • Britt

      WOW! That’s a low price!!!

      …I really hope you’ve seen that commercial, otherwise that will make no sense to you. 🙂

  • I just recently added the Hylian shield mint tin to my collection as well. The mints are tiny little circles. I was pretty disappointed when they weren’t little shields.

    • Britt

      OOHH. Okay. Good to know. I was hoping for shields or little triforces 🙁

  • Lori

    I also have the Hylian shield tin and the NES controller tin.

  • Frank

    I really like the Belt buckle, where did you get it 🙂

    • Thanks! I actually bought that (and a Zelda wallet) at GameStop.

  • I love the flask and gameboard… I REALLY need to add those to my collection so I can post a picture back :D. But I have to say, if I saw those “mints” in the hyrule shield, I would have bought them too.

  • I tried those mints before. They are really tasty but they disappear quickly.

  • Mike Proulx

    i have 2 zelda belt buckles one is the Hyrule shield and the other is the bird and the triforce seen in the center of your “mint shield” there solid metal and vary shine no color to it tho.. i also have the mints to they “protected” me from the bad breath of Ganon… sorry had to throw in a cheese nerd line lol