I Guest’d On GGGW Ep. 71!


Man, I miss podcasting. I wish I had enough time to hop back on a regular podcasting schedule! But alas, I still derive great joy and ::says in a creepy voice:: pleasure from joining other’s podcasts from time to time. SO! Join myself, Baby Pancakes and Ivy Doomkitty as we talk E3 shenanigans, buttsex and more on the Gamer Girls Gone Wild Podcast! 😀

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  • Christopher Galloway

    That was a cool podcast, never heard of it before. an entertaining hour. that was nice of you to shout out to your fans at the end. I like how she said you have a contagious attitude. fav moments were “hashtag prepare your anus”. brombacher reality show. lol you ate dog food XD LOL “buttsex academy”. good times. thought you were gonna mention Geralt in the threesome =P anyway thanks for sharing.