I don’t know how this happens

Hey. HEY. Anyone seen my desk? I no can see it!

I really don’t know how this stuff accumulates on my desk. Or why. Or, again, HOW. It’s like I just randomly pluck things off of the shelves in my woman cave and, like, place them upon my desk. Perhaps to comfort me.

Hmmmm. Do you guys think I would qualify for TLC’s My Strange Addiction? I mean, I might have to pick it up a notch and start bathing with my games and/or sleeping with them. Perhaps dressing them up and pushing them around in a stroller? That could be fun.

…This needs to happen.

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  • Jayson

    Earthworm Jim was the shit. Do you have any of his games?

    • Britt

      ACTUALLY…I faintly remember picking up a boxed copy of EJ a few years ago.

  • Boots_33

    Wait, you don’t think having EVERY POSSIBLE COPY OF DRAGON AGE qualifies for the show? What about the DA Shrine?