I can’t stop watching Mario dance

So, here’s Mario. He’s dancing. And because of my current delirious stupor, I don’t know if I should be laughing, crying or turning my head away–but I’m unable to do anything except watch.

The good stuff starts happening around 1:30, so feel free to skip to that if you’re an impatient bastard like I am.

But here’s my question: The old school Super Mario Brothers Super Show taught me that the below video is the true and only way Mario dances. In fact, I still own the VHS tapes, and back in the day I used to stop and rewind the credits OVER and OVER so I could learn the dance. True story–I STILL KNOW IT BY HEART.

<3 Britt

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  • Boots_33


    Wait, were you even alive when that show aired? O_o

    Also, I never once pronounced “DIC” as “deek”. 😛

    • PSSSH. Yes, Tony, I’m not THAT young. Well, maybe compared to your old and crusty ass. How old are you, anyway? ;D

      • Boots_33

        Facebook can easily answer that question for you.

        Meanwhile, you’re a typical girl who refuses to put the birthyear on their profile, so I have no way of knowing your age for certain. I have a guess, but I’ll keep it off the public spaces. Big Brother is watching, you know! 😉

      • Boots_33

        Also, I may be older, but I’ve been mistaken for a ten year difference and I’ll always be young at heart… and my ass is in a fine and crustless state, thank you very much!

  • Weebo

    I’ve been doing it wrong too. 🙁 TV lies to me way too fricking much.

    • But maybe the Mario in Just Dance was doing it wrong? And we are right? IS THE WORLD GOING TO EXPLODE?!