I Can Pick Your Brainz?


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Can I ask you guys a favor? I’m working on a new project, and for this project I need some ideas. I’m gonna keep it kind of vague for now, but I pinky-swear promise I’ll tell everyone more down the line.

Ho-kay, so, what are some typical scenarios in-game that just make you go WTF?!

For example:

  • Suits of bikini armor that somehow deflect arrows, lessen the impact of slashing, etc.
  • It’s perfectly normal to waltz into someone’s house and check out what’s going on
  • If there’s a 2 ft. fence in front of your character you can’t bypass it. Like, it’s only TWO FEET TALL COME ON
  • The ability to store everything in seemingly non-existent pockets
  • In zombie video games, if you’re bitten you don’t turn into a zombie, but  everyone else does

In a nutshell, think of scenarios that simply don’t make logical sense.

Thank you soooo much. I’m excited to tell you more! 😀

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