Hyrule Warriors Announced by Nintendo


HA! I knew waking up at 5:45 this morning would totally pay off! >:D

Did you ever think Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors and our beloved Zelda would come together and make a sweet, sweet baby? If you did, props. If you didn’t, welcome to the entire population of the universe. I so totally did NOT see this coming, but I’m definitely glad it’s a thing that’s happening. Iwata stressed that this isn’t the next true installment in the Legend of Zelda series, so think of Hyrule Warriors (a working name, bee-tee-dubs) as a fun spin-off to whet our palette why we pray to the Zelda Gods every night for a next-gen experience.

Hopefully we’ll hear some more information about Hyrule Warriors soon (AND THE CONFIRMATION OF CO-OP) but at least we can rest easy knowing we’ll hear more at E3. Which is, uh, still six months away.



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  • Greg Brian Carver

    Oh my sweet baby jesus This is pretty freakin legit 😀
    Im just glad that it isnt an official Zelda title but its still worthy for the fans for the meantime 😀

    • Brittney Brombacher

      Exaaaaaactly. If this *was* the official installment in the series I would probably cry. Or jump off of my balcony. Either or.

  • Blase

    Looks pretty sick-nasty, but the thing that I kinda chuckled at was the announcer saying, “Pegi 12.” Just because I’m so used to him saying, “Pegi 18” that he sounded kinda surprised. “Pegi 12? Huh, well, that’s a nice change of pace. Way to throw me a curve ball, Nintendo.”

    • Brittney Brombacher

      HAHAHA! Dude, you’re right! I listened to it again and it seems…off. Kind of like when the Resident Evil announcer has to say a new number. “Resident Evil…23”

  • serckman

    holy monkey! this gives me a reason to upgrade to the WiiU !!!

    • Brittney Brombacher


  • azraelblack777

    Was already planning on buying a Wii U with my tax refund in a few months for Super Mario 3D world…and now this? 🙂 Me be happy!

    • Brittney Brombacher

      Right on! You’re going to LOVE SM3DW!

  • InertiaBrien


  • Abraham