Huge Garage Sale Haul is Huge


I am rather proud of it.

::puffs chest out::

A stack of old Nintendo Power Magazines for $5!! (I collect the shit out of these.)

Two Xbox consoles, controllers and all of their cords for $15!

Oh man, this chest was filled with so much shit — consoles, games, controllers, cords, etc. Unfortunately a lot of it was covered in nasty filth, but I think I’ll be able to clean most of it! All of this for $40.

Games, action figures, a book, WoW cards…I can’t remember how much this came to, but it wasn’t more than $10.

::un-puffs chest:: Wheeeeeeew. What a friggen’ haul. Sadly, the reality is the more you find the more you end up, uh, having to pay. (Drrrr….) I spent about $70 total, but when you think about all of the consoles (Atari, Mega Drive 2, GameCube, Genesis) and all of the games (about 35?) it’s a pretty damn good deal! And, no, I don’t walk away with hauls like this every weekend — last Friday all I walked away with was a Star Trek poster and Perfect Dark Zero. :/

Now, WTF am I going to do with those Xboxes….

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  • That Space Wolf Omnibus is good reading!
    Also, I noticed Vagrant Story in that chest – GET ON THAT!

    • britt5091

      SWEET! It looked good, so I had to pick it up! Also, yeah, Vagrant story! Unfortunately only one disc is in there, but I have another copy lying around here somewhere.

  • slim

    I’ve been trying to find old consoles (Super NES and earlier) all Summer and have come up empty. Totally jeally about the Atari.

    • britt5091

      Oh man! I haven’t seen a SNES this summer, actually.

  • Ardaam

    Jeeeesus woman, you’re gonna need a bigger apartment

    • britt5091

      This is true. So true.

  • nerdy awesome.
    I know you have atleast TWO star wars Battle front II now. (last photo)

    • britt5091

      Hahaha…yes. Yes I do. AT LEAST. X_X

  • And to think, I have a box full of old NP’s that I’m getting ready to recycle… I tried selling them on eBay, but I didn’t make enough for it to be worth trying again.