How I Survived My Plane Ride

Fuck yes. You seriously can’t go wrong with a portable SNES player and Super Mario RPG. I don’t think I’ve blogged on here about it yet, but Mr. Santa hand delivered one of these bad boys to my front door on Christmas. The RDP is so amazing because not only can you play SNES titles on the fly, you can also plug two SNES-like controllers into the device and play multilayer. ALSO, it comes with an NES adapter so you can play those OOOOLD-old school games. Still not sold? An adapter comes with it that allows you to play the games via the RDP on your TV screen. BOOM shakalaka.

Admit it, you want its nuts.


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  • Hey! You! Stop blogging and get back on vacation!

    Also, I want that so bad lol.

    • britt5091

      Haha, admittedly I had this post pre-written and scheduled out ;D

  • Do want!

    • britt5091

      Maybe someone will get it for you on your birthday! Which is, like, forever and a half away.

  • is it wrong that I am pitching a tent over this thing? Might have to invent a new classification of weirdo for me now…if germans are zoophile, I will be a gamephile! Alright so I might have lied about the whole erection thing but that RDP is seriously stupid awesome. I want one to play SNES games on and nothing else…what, stop your snickering! its hard to write yourself out of sex puns once you start a response with pitching a tent.Oh Haha I said hard real mature.

    • britt5091

      LOL. Dude, it was the best thing ever and kept me SO occupied.

  • Wow i didn’t even know those things existed!
    I’m ashamed of calling myself a gamer 🙁

    BTW,nice choice on super mario RPG, it’s the one that got me into RPG’s.

    • britt5091

      ME TOO! It was the first game where I had to learn how to level up! ;D

      • Boots_33

        Damn kids… I was playing Dragon Warrior while you were all being poopy diapers. 🙂