How I know when my mom has been at my apartment:

Sometimes my mom likes to swing by my place and do motherly things, like, clean up my apartment. (I think it gives her some sort of good mommy-juju or something.) This goes without saying, but it’s  always very evident when my mom has wrapped one of her Operation: Clean-Up-Britt’s-Apartment-While-She’s-Not-Home missions — not only because I’m greeted by a nice, clean and tidy apartment, but because things just seem…off.


God, I love that woman.

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  • Ray

    What are we looking at? The thing behind the couch? Or the throw over the back cushions? What is it? tell me!!!

    • britt5091

      HAHA! The throw is upside-down. IT’S THE TRIFORCE, MAN! It needs to be properly displayed at all times! ;D

      • Ray

        By God! The TRIFORCE! of course!!! I know not of what I speak though, I did not Zelda in my life, perhaps in another I shall…… Kudos on you Mama Brombacher, someone has to clean that cave!

    • SonicKaos

      I think it’s just that the triforce and crest are upside down on the blanket. Still looks kind of cool though. It’s the thought.

  • It’s the thought that counts

    • britt5091

      It really is.

  • That is just the sweetest thing ever. Does she also leave a treat for you to snack on later?

    • britt5091

      LOL. Sometimes… ;D

  • Boots_33


    Bless her heart, though. 🙂

    • britt5091

      Absolutely 🙂

  • If by “displayed properly you mean hanging like a rich tapestry on the wall instead of thrown across the back of a couch where it could be knocked on the floor or some such blasphemy. Moms rule, but you would avoid this issue by hanging it on the wall.

    • britt5091

      Bahahahaha. This is true.

  • Klokworkk

    MOTHER OF GOD. Where did you get that poster? I must have it.