Help Me Choose My Zelda Shirt! (Cuz I’m Lazy.)

Zelda symphony

I can’t believe its been a year and a half since the last time I went to a Zelda symphony! HNNNGH I AM GETTING SO OLD YOU GUYS. /sadface

want to be excited for the symphony, but I can’t be. And there’s a legitimate reason for that. (Er, it might not be very legitimate, but it’s a reason nonetheless.) I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR! WAAAAH! I’M SUCH A FEMALE YADDA YADDA YADDA. But for serious, I have like, ten Zelda shirts and I don’t want to decide which one to wear because that consumes brain power I could be spending on The Witcher.

So, uh, choose for me? AND YES I KNOW THE SHIRTS ARE WRINKLED. That’s what happens when you live in an apartment with little closet space. SHIT HAPPENS.

Let me know in the comments what garb I shall drape myself with.

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  • JordanRodkey

    Black with gold logo.

    • britt5091


  • @CronoTime

    castle town ocarina supplies

    • britt5091

      A good choice, indeed.

  • CeraTopz

    number 3! with a cute skirt heels and a blazer or something, super classy awesomeness!

    • britt5091

      GOOD IDEA! I think it’s supposed to be warm today too 😀

  • Anna Smith

    “Zelda is the girl” is my choice.

    • britt5091

      I really like that one too!

  • Radio PlayStation

    Wear each shirt on top of the other. Then, just take off a layer every so often and then you can wear ALL THE SHIRTS!

    • britt5091


  • Rotmm

    Castle Town Ocarina Supplies is the winner for me. It NEEDS to be worn. Maybe ironed first, but worn all the same.

    • britt5091

      Bwahahaha, yeah, all of them need to be ironed!

  • Greg Brian Carver

    Go with the castle town Ocarina supplies since it involves music and most people dont have that shirt so yeah 😛
    and plus its pretty badass 0.0

    • britt5091

      Nice logic! ;D Thanks!

  • Brian Fletcher

    Either of the music-themed ones are out. Cause you don’t wear the shirt of the band you’re going to see to the concert. Don’t be that girl. 😉

    • InertiaBrien

      That makes no sense. ALWAYS WEAR THE BAND’S SHIRT TO THE CONCERT. Especially if it’s from a previous tour/gig… instant cred. Trust me, I’m in a band.

      • David Wood

        I have a ton of friends that do tours often, and I can attest to the insta-cred you recieve sporting their gear…

  • InertiaBrien

    I also vote Castle Town Ocarina Supplies. Black/gold is a close second.

  • Chris Robinson

    Ocarina Supplies probably. Classic gold on black is a solid choice, too.

  • Anthony Curry II

    Wear the one that looks like baby Zelda everyone loves babies lol

  • Geo3gh

    I’d go with the gold on black. It looks classy.

  • Karl Hendricks

    Always bet on black…

  • Carina

    I choose the Ocarina one cuz it has my name in it lol

  • Deidre Loiselle-Root

    I have NONE ;____;
    It’s so hard to choose too. I’d have to agree with fellow posters solid black with the gold triforce is probably the best bet but I like the Ocarina Supplies and Zelda is the Girl tees quite a bit too c:
    Good luck with choosing. I’d be pretty undecided as well.

  • Anna Smith

    Got there late, but still enjoyed the symphony.

  • Jonathan Lindberg

    Zelda is the girl, or Clay pots, That’s what I would go for.