Hello, Sexy.

Ahem. Please excuse the cords and the mess, I was too busy being enamored BY MY BRAND NEW 55″ INCH TV!!! I got a killer deal on this bad boy — it’s a Sony Bravia somethin-somethin 55″ LED 3D TV and it does things I don’t quite understand, like hook up to the internet and such. What is this I don’t even.

Not only that, but I finally got my surround sound working (it has been kinda dead for the past six months) and ooooh man, Mass Effect has never sounded sexier! I’m currently in my woman cave but I can hear the rumble coming from my living room and HOLY HELL it sounds like a nerd orgy in there — as in lots of bass and cool Mass Effect-y music. Not like, an actual orgy. At least I don’t think there’s one going on in there.

Anyway, I wanted to show ya’ll my new toy! The next thing I need to do is remove the old-ass setup I have in my bedroom and replace it with a new TV stand and my 46″ TV (the one that used to be in my living room) and hook up all of my old consoles. It’s going to be my retro room …or something.  Either way, it’ll pretty much be another gaming room with a bed in it.


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  • InertiaBrien

    Nice! Congrats on yer new baby boy/girl/thing. It’s purdy.

    • Britt

      Thank you. And it doesn’t talk back nor shit its pants. <3.

  • Weebo

    Retro in the bedroom… so… many… jokes hnnnnng

    • Britt


      • InertiaBrien

        Hmm… I do see a couple of “Move” controllers on the floor.

  • ginge

    hopefully its a 120 hz… 60 hz blows for gaming .

    • Britt


  • Jess Tamer

    A Wii With a Tri-force Emblem 😮

    • Britt

      OF COURSE! That was one of the first things I bought after my Wii 😀

  • kate

    Britt, i’ll show you my commander shepard if you show me yours…

    • Britt

      Kate. Marry me.

  • Bcgal

    Woah, that is awesome.
    We got a giant fire hazard- er I mean plasma screen T.V.

    • Britt

      LOL. NO, no. We also have a giant fire hazard.

  • Justin

    So I’m assuming you didn’t find this T.V at a garage sale

    • Britt

      Unfortunately, you are assuming correctly.

  • Bassett

    Soo many wires…

    • Britt

      I know :/ I seriously need to figure out a way to make it not so wirey.

  • Edward

    ^ Bassett already said it.

    Holy wire management Batman. Twisty ties anyone? =D

  • paul