Half-assed update! <3

I’ve been running around like necromorph with it’s limb cut off since Friday, trying to get all of my shit hung up and organized. And let me tell you, I have a lot of shit.

Actually, I’m amazed at how much effin’ shit I have. My old room was SO tiny, yet I was able to fit SO much junk (let me rephrase that…amazing junk) in every corner and crevice. Anywho, I finally put all of my games in the DVD tower-thing! Lookie!

To be completely honest, I thought I had more games than this. ::pouts:: Buuuut a lot of my boxed stuff (collector’s editions, mostly) won’t fit in the tower, and I’ve had to buy another shelf to accommodate some of ’em.

I am STILL in desperate need of another cabinet, and shelving (I want to put some of my older consoles on them!)

MAH VIEW. And my...glowing monitor?

So there you have it, a half-assed update on my woman cave. I’m not responsible for any grammar/spelling/sentence structure errors.


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