HAHAHAHA: Nintendo 3DS Price Cut


I’m laughing at you, Mr. “Hey Britt, you’re crazy to think there will be a 3DS price drop!”

::hums to self while copying and pasting from a past post::


June 16th, 2011

Do I sense a [3DS] price cut?

You may have heard of a little device called PSVita Pita Pocket (God, I love calling it that). You may have also heard that it’s retailing for the EXACT SAME PRICE as a Nintendo 3DS. Uh, wait. So, I could have a mini-portable PlayStation 3 that sports games like, I don’t know, UNCHARTED in my purse? Let’s face it, when you compare the specs for these two side to side, Sony has Nintendo beat…and trust me, I say that from neutral, untainted ground. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo drops the price of the 3DS in the not-so-distant future.

That “not-so-distant future” happened to be a month and 11 days away, as today Nintendo announced a whopping $80 3DS price drop effective August 12.


So I ask myself this: Will I NOW purchases a 3DS?

My answer? Hell nah.

What games are there to entice me? Ocarina of Time…uh…Ocarina of Time and Ocarina of Time. Where’s Mario? Where’s Luigi’s Mansion? Where’s Mario Kart? WHERE IS DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS 3DS?!?!?!

Okay, minus Dragon Age: Origins, the other games are things that are happening. However they’re not, um, out yet. But more importantly, I own practically the same aforementioned games on my Wii. Example: if I start craving some Mario, I can sit down and finish Mario Galaxy 2. If I need a racing fix, I can fire up Mario Kart Wii. So here’s the way I see it: Why purchase a new platform to play another rehash?

But Britt, what about Luigi’s Mansion 2? Well anonymous voice, while Luigi’s Mansion is a fun lil’ chap to play with, I can’t justify spending $170 PLUS the cost of game to play it. Oh, and MGS: Snake Eater has been delayed into 2012. Sooo….

Admittedly I’ve been slacking a bit and haven’t paid much attention to 3DS news, so perhaps a new killer IP has been announced and I haven’t heard of it yet. Has there?




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