HA! Microsoft! I pwn’d you!

To some of you this may not be such a huge deal, but to me it’s a freakin’ GINORMOUS deal.

Last night I found out I was nearing the point of no return with Mass Effect 3 – I was given the, “Yo bitch, if you have any other missions or unresolved issues you need to do them NOW otherwise you won’t get another chance” speech from Admiral Hackett. All along my plan with Mass Effect 3 has been to complete EVERYTHING I can in order to get the best ending possible (yes, I realize even that supposedly sucks) so I figured I needed to download the From Ashes DLC. And honestly, once Mass Effect 3 is done, it’s done – the chances of me revisiting for additional DLC is slim. (Although I’m sure I’ll eventually want this “post-ending” DLC crap that’s coming out soon…)

Now, for me, purchasing things off of XBL is an excruciating thing. EVERY time I try to buy something I’m always short points and end up having to purchase some crazy extravagant point package. I use those points for whatever it is I need and then I’m left with a random amount of points sitting in my account. I think, “Hey! At least now I’ll be able to purchase something next time without having to buy more points!” 

But later when the time comes to download additional DLC for something else I’m *just* short of points – and too short to purchase the lowest available point package, so yet again comes the purchase of the extravagant point package, the leftover straggler points, etc. Rinse, wash, repeat.   

All that being said, I checked my available balance last night to see if I’d be able to download From Ashes. I had 420 MSP AND of course I needed 800. OF COURSE. Here we go again, I thought. Time to lay down money for useless points, I thought. TIME TO GET SCREWED OVER BY MICROSOFT’S BRILLIANT PLANNING, I thought. 

But this time I got the last laugh.


 MUAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! ::falls off of chair and dies of maniacal laughter::

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