Goofin’ Around E3 2012!


I met these two awesome dudes while standing in line for an Atlus shirt! Turns out they run GamerCon, a game con that runs during SDCC. Sounds like it's the perfect place to get your post-comic nerdery gaming fix!

Would you like some Tekken booth babes? OF COURSE YOU WOULD.

This picture is actually clear. Your eyes are just fucked up.

Bein' a creeper with homeboy from Aliens: Colonial Marines

I WILL CONSUME YOUR SOUL!!! This was at the IGN party.

After months of only talking on the interwebs, Meghan and I finally met at the IGN party! We like to talk about Dragon Age and Alistair. We're pretty much perfect for each other.

Chillin' in NintendoLand! Unfortunately there weren't any Nintendo characters running around. I would have liked to have grabbed Link's ass. Erm, ADULT Link, that is.

NAMCO's Tank! Tank! Tank! is one of my favorite arcade games -- I try to play it every time I go to Gameworks. That's, uh, who these guys are supposed to be.

My blue boyfriend <3

My, um...Sacky boyfriend? OH GOD.

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